Music Lessons at your Convenience

We believe one on one sessions at your convenience are more productive. Be it office or home. A device connected to good speeds in a Calm place is perfect to learn music online


Live Interaction

Each & every student’s understanding capabilities and the grasping power is different. The interaction between student and music teacher makes it more customized and flexible in a way student can understand & practise than pre-recorded video lessons.


Expert’s Platform

Wegotguru is not only an online music school or platform to find Music experts but you can access their beautiful collection of works. You name it we have it in our Knowledge Hub.


Proper Structure and Regular Assignment

With our experienced faculties, you get to learn in a proper structured curriculum. Based on regular assignments and assessment done to test the performance of each student, Wegotguru finds out whether a student is eligible for certifications or not.

My daughters are learning western vocals at WeGotGuru. We are very happy with the institute. Very friendly management and really good teachers. My children have become very confident in their singing. Overall everything is carried out in a professional manner here. I highly recommend this institute
– Aruni Joseph