Art, is an all-encompassing, strong and effective medium to represent culture. It is a means of expressing devotion, for providing entertainment and above all it is an important resource of an Artist to be able to ultimately express himself. The culture, taleem or learning, thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions of an artist are reflected in his art, as an expression of his inner self.
Over the years, the expression of art has changed with the times, as it has essentially been subject to cater to the tastes and preferences of people in every age or era. In fact, as the thoughts, ideas, preferences and beliefs of man change with the passage of time, it is unnatural, impossible and unjustifiable to imagine the expression of art to be eternal.

Likewise, the quality of music in contemporary times may not be pure or untouched, but yet it is discernible with the times. Transformations and modifications have always been a part of evolution and these are reflective of the current trends and styles in contemporary music. Fast-paced changes are perceptible not only in the field of music but in other art forms also. The development of science and technology and its rapid progress is clearly reflected in the current art forms. I willingly and eagerly accept these changes and try to identify myself and my times with them.

In the process of change, certain conventions have disintegrated and crumbled like old mansions. I see the changing face of the world in this. With the passage of time, we could not prevent our essentially democratic outlook from bringing down the conventions existing in society. The same may be said for the majestic gharanas or Traditional Houses of music. I welcome this change and believe that these traditional Gharanas could not hold against the changing times and taste for music, but Music is progressing. After all, creative and enthusiastic attempts are being made to innovate and redefine the essence of music, or even expressing the confidence to stand up with change.

I firmly believe that freedom of thought, a democratic approach and a desire to experiment will positively be helpful in the progress of Music. I welcome this age of progressive music in place of traditional systems, tied down by conventions….




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