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Music Magazines in India have found space since the very boom of the “new kind of music” in India after the inception of Globalisation in the Indian market. This consequently exposed Indian mass to a variety of music genres. Music magazines in India then took a leap when they started publishing updates and more information about not just Indian music but also global music.


Here are some of the Top Music Magazines in India:


Sruti Magazine


A leading music magazine in India, Sruti is devoted to Indian classical music, dance, and theatre. This magazine is known for its academic writing which reflects the high quality of authenticity, objectivity, and sophistication through rigorous research of individuals and institutions. Its target audience is not a fixed group but it caters to the intellectual needs of a major portion of the industry of music, dance enthusiasts, teachers, students etc.



Rock Street Journal


Also known as RSJ, this music magazine in India was started in January 1993 in Allahabad by Amit Saigal and Shena Gamat Saigal. They started this magazine on the pretext of lack of support to Indian Rock musicians. Since then, it has gained popularity among the Indian masses. It is now published from Delhi covering rock scene of Indian and South Asia and having a circulation of 1,42,000 copies per issue.



The Record Magazine


Established in the year 1998, this music magazine in India is published from Mumbai. It covers not only Bollywood music reviews but also pop, rock, hip-hop. It is edited by Sunand Bhojani. The magazine claims to have 75,000 readers per month.



Raga to Rock


This music magazine launched in November 1998 managed to become India’s #1 Music Mazagine in a very short span of time. It now occupies a space where music professionals and music lovers prefer this magazine for any kind of music news. Raga to Rock, a self-explanatory magazine comprises of Classical Folk, Bhangra, Pop, Rap, Soul, Country, Ghazals etc. It also has an online version which has a monthly newsletter with around 15,000 subscribers.



Rolling Stone Magazine


Since 2008, Lalitha Suhasini and her team have been working on the promotion of India’s new music scenario i.e. Electronica, Metal, Folk Rock etc. Rolling Stone was initially an American music magazine but the boom in Indian music led to the launch of this music magazine in India as well.



Metal India Magazine


India’s first Metal Portal or metal music magazine, ‘Metal India’ not only publishes its magazine but also provides with latest metal updates from India, Middle -East, Russia, and Africa. This music magazine in India covers all major updates from the Metal music.



Kalawardhan Magazine


Kalawardhan music magazine is published by Kalwardhan Academy which was established in 2000. The magazine focuses on promoting Indian Culture and Performing Arts, especially for young and child artists. It is a music magazine in India with a monthly publication, featuring both in Hindi and Marathi.  



Noise Factory Magazine


The first ever print launch of MTV, ‘Noise Factory’ is an extension to the brand MTV. It is exclusively dedicated to the youth with over 60 pages. Through this MTV fulfills its promise of going Beyond Music, Beyond Television.  This young music magazine in India stands as a hit across the nation.



The Score Magazine


The only indigenous pan-genre music magazine of India, The Score is published across Indian along with an online subscription. Owned by Score Media Pvt. Ltd. they publish various aspects of music and musicians in India. It is pan-genre which means that it features everything from mainstream content to indie, Indian Classical, Pop and International.


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