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Top 4 Amazing Genres

  • Heavy Metal:


One of the most commercially successful and critically praised sub-genres of rock, that emerged in the late 1960s. Heavy Metal, as the name itself tells the half about its type, it basically characterizes the massive and loud music. The music is supported by the virtuosic and aggressive style of playing guitar with extended solos over the intensively amplified distortions, increased BPM on drums which would mostly include double bass to the count, the powerful, high ranged operatic and raspy vocals and which obviously explain about the presence of powerful and technical bass.


  • Jazz:


Jazz can also be considered as the advanced version of Blues. It basically originated in the late 19th century from black communities of New Orleans. Jazz has always been a “Not Easy” genre to deal with since it requires a solid proficiency in the theories of music and the extensive knowledge in handling or understanding the orchestral instruments. It’s also known as one of the original art form of America. Jazz introduced number of female artists like Abbey Lincoln, Betty Carter, etc. Jazz actually has its roots in both Western and European culture. Jazz is meant to showcase the creativity and the dynamics of the music in the way improvisations, Polyrhythms as well as Polyphonic Vocals.


  • Rock and Roll:


Rock and Roll also just simply known as “Rock” is third amazing and a soulful genre.It had been explored, experimented and also explained into numerous subgenres. Rock basically considered as the genre that clubs the elements of Jazz, Blues, Country and other classical music styles. The composing of rock tracks centered basically on electric guitar, drums and electric bass. These type of music will always be worked on by a rock group/band. Rock originated in late 1940s but got recognized and enjoyed by the world since the late 50s.  The lyrical themes of this genre center on diversified topics such as love, pain, politics and even psychological effects.



  • Hard Rock:


A subgenre of the rock that evolved around 1960s. It stood up to be the pioneering genre for the heavy sounds in Rock Heavy Metal was derived from this very genre. It encapsulates the elements of Psychedelic, Garage and Blues Rock. This genre introduced the high amplified distortions and extended solos of guitars, gritty, raspy and operatic range vocals and virtuosic and extended pieces keyboards. AC/DC, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, etc. are the notable bands from this genre.


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