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Top 3 Drummers of all time

  1. John Bonham:

John Henry Bonham was an English Drummer who lived from 31 May 1948 – 25 September. He was well known for being a drummer of the most influential and heaviest rock band all time “Led Zeppelin”. He turned out be the person who pioneered the bass drum hiccup technique and made the listeners to drop their jaws down by the fact that it had to be dealt and implemented with just a single pedal, while it sounded more of the beats created by using double pedals against the bass drum(s) (Double bass).

He was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England. He began to develop the interest towards playing drum since the age five. He never had the formal lessons, all he had was the tips and advices of the Redditch drummers. His influences are Max Roach, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.

Besides the speed, intensity and also the technicality that Bonham uses to play, He is also highly recognized and idolized for a very distinctive feel that he bestows while he drums.

He is known as the most influential rock drummers of all time in the rock history, who made many of the Post-Bonham Rock drummers emulate him.

B.) Keith John Moon 

Keith Moon was an English Musician, songwriter, producer and an actor, who was best known for being the drummer of the famous English rock band “The Who”. He described himself as the “greatest Keith Moon-type drummer in the world”. Moon was born on 23 August 1946 in Wembley, Middlesex, England. He started playing drums during 1960s. He joined “The Who” in the year of 1964. Moon remained in the band until its end. He broke the cliché of the usual pattern that had been followed for years in the way of drumming. Rolling stone voted him as the second greatest drummer in the history of rock. He always had the unique style drumming which would evidently be noticed by the viewers. Moon always tried to vary the tempo while he plays with his band. In an interview of Rolling Stone with John Entwhistle the bassist of the band “The Who”, Entwhistle described about his type of drumming as “Melodic” since he tried to play and match the tempo with the other instruments of the band. Apart from his talent, he is also widely known for his destructive and decadent behavior, especially he is known for smashing the drum kits while the performances and destroying the hotel rooms while he is on tours with his band. He had always been dark humored, hence he was also called as ‘Moon The Loon”. He died at the age of 31 due to the overdose of the drug Heminevrin.

C.) Ginger Baker:

Peter Edward "GingerBaker is an English drummer, who is also well known for finding the band “Cream”. He gained the title of Rock’s first superstar drummer” in 1960s by his extensive solos that combines Jazz with polyrhythms with an extensive level of intensity.

Baker was born on 19th of August 1939, in Lewisham, South London, England. He began playing drums at the age of 15. In 1960s. He had been a bit of bad tempered person sometimes, he often had clashed with the bassist John Bruce, which became one the reasons for the end of the band Cream. In 1966 he found the band Cream, which was a three pieced band comprising Eric Clapton, John Bruce and him, that gave the beautiful blend of psychedelic rock, blues and hard rock. Although the band gained a worldwide recognition by their music it lasted only till 1968 basically due to the volatile relationship between John Bruce and Baker. Later in 1970s he spent years in Africa, where he worked with several artists and often with Fela Kuti. Over period of time started developing the interest towards the African beats to the extent that none of the westerner could. He has pioneered the way of portraying his virtuosity on double kick with the amazing extended solos to the rock world, which proves the fact that he has the flair for the showmanship with his drumming techniques. He ranked number 3 in the list of Rolling Stone’s “Top 100 All Time Best drummers of Rock”







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