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How to be creative in music


Music never dies, there is no limit for it either. Unlike the rest millions of fields and subject scattered across this world, music is something that can blend into our thoughts and soul. Of course people are proportioned accordingly by various possibilities like, some of them consider music as an entertainment that’s just heard for the sake of skipping the time, some consider it as a redeemer of the souls, some listen to it for the sake of relaxation and very few will not like music. But the music never fades away. And it gets altered, every now and then. Music changes basically with respect to creativity, improvisation, time, trends, culture and lifestyle. It’s also true that whatever types of music are introduced, they fall within 12 notes but the main deal lies on the way they are composed.

It needs creativity. The creativity that is made into a concept, which can either purely be a new one or altering the pre-existing one to a different concept.

Listening to lots of tracks:

Start listening to various tracks of various artists. It is the very first step to induce your creativity in music. Listening to lot of songs can teach you the basic ideas of the dynamics of the music. It will intrigue the mind to know more about the types of styles or also known as genres. When it comes to listening music, we are most likely to listen whatever we feel like listening to or we will be kept posted about familiar tracks either by the media or by our friends. In that case, we have to push ourselves a bit further from our comfort zone to the different fields in music which wouldn’t have tried. Exploring the music by mingling with friends who musically creative and such can easily make you get some ideas about being creative in music.

Explore Different Genres:

Trying on lots of tracks would eventually lead you to explore different genres too. Because every song will be done by the respective artists by combining the several elements from the different origins of music at least in a minimal scale. Exploring the genres is a bit broader term! Because it makes us to have diverse knowledge about the music and also will make us to start conceiving our own thoughts to put across in our way of perception towards the genres that we’ve been trying on.

For example, if you had been sticking onto the Pop artists for the past couple of years, obviously we will be having, lots of love and ideas on the tracks made by those artists from that genre. And if you are starting to listen to the artists from the genres like Hip Hop, EDM, etc. You will start gaining more knowledge about music than before.

Observing The Pattern of the tracks you listen to:

Observation is the stage that when you start liking the particular music that you are listening to. It’s the stage where actually start your mind will automatically take in the dynamics of the tracks. Usually one will reach that stage, when a particular track is played on loops by him/her. It’s also contextually called as “Training the ears”. Observing the pattern of the tracks talks about having an extensive focus towards the coordination of instruments that are used to compose the particular track.

It plays a vital role in increasing the level of creativity on music. Observation gives us a wide knowledge about understanding the sound, vibe of the instruments and other important components that are created by the tracks while they are played.

For instance, let’s discuss about one of the all-time famous songs “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana’s song structure: The song commences with a rock sample that is played in guitar, which is followed by a rock blast beat given by the drums in the meantime, the bass guitar copies the beat pattern that is played on the bass drum or kick drum and the song the proceeds further with the rest of the parts. One should know to summarize the contents and parts of the tracks by the observations, in order to be creative.

Pick up an instrument:

If you interested in understanding more about music. There is no better option than picking up an instrument. Instruments are the sole reason for the music as we all know. So it’s very important if you want to explore and be creative in music. Learning our instruments will unleash our locked up imaginations and creativity which are ridiculously important for coming up with the own compositions. Also, learning an instrument to play gives you the required level of patience to be build yourselves informative and innovative enough. In order to start playing an instrument, pick one up on your choices of interests. So that it will be easier and interesting to stay intact with learning the music.


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