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Uploaded by TheFireball100 on Dec 24, 2010
This lesson shows the second solo; the solo right before the melody section.

Next lesson will cover the melody. This section proves a bit difficult even for me because of the sweeps. Check an unlisted video here

if you can't get the sweeps right away, and/or you want do something different.

Announcing!! The new and improved lesson series! Slower - and the notes are called out. I will show the solo that comes right before the melody. I hope you enjoy this series. This is aimed towards beginners. If you are a beginner and wanting to learn Canon Rock, I was once in your shoes. I couldn't play Canon Rock at all. At times, I almost gave up on this song. But don't give up, it is hard song and needs patience and plenty of practice. I, myself, have not even mastered the song to sound like Funtwo or Mattrach, or any of the other amazing Canon Shredders.

I used the highest quality I have for my camera, so you are getting the best I can provide. I used my new Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 software I recently bought. It works wonders! It's so much better for lesson making than Windows Movie Maker.

I recommend that you look at these lessons below on GuitarMasterClass. I am a member there and love it! Most of the ideas I got for this lesson series came from the first video, as did my other older lesson vids for Canon.

Canon Rock - Funtwo & Jerry C style

Shredding the Canon in D

Canon - Fusion Shred

Canon - Speedy Metal Arrangement

Canon Progressive



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