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Name That Key On Piano



Learn How To Identify Keys Of Songs On The Piano!

Today we are going to play name that key. Well, we aren't really going to play a game, but I want to teach you how to figure out a key if you hear the song on the radio. Humming along with the song will help you find notes, but how do you find the key?

Well, let's start by answering a simple question. What is a key? Well, the key of a song is just the scale that the song is based on. In a G major scale, we know that the root of the scale is the G. The root of the scale can also be called the tonic. If we base our song around the notes of the G major scale, then we can say that the song is in the key of G.

It all relates back to that scale. We now know what a key is, but how do we find out what key a particular song is in just by hearing it? Well, I'm going to teach you a little rule of thumb that can help you in doing just that. Listen to the last note of the song. The very last note of a song, or that last big chord, is more often the root note or chord of the song.


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