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If you are a newbie or intermediate, our easy and customized platform take you through the journey to be an expert in violin.

Are you having hard time to learn violin by travelling miles to your violin teacher or going through some YouTube. Wegotguru has come up with a platform to bridge the gap between violin experts and violin aspirants. Learn violin from anywhere at any time.

Online violin lessons consists of:
• Parts of violin
• Parts of the bow
• Caring for the violin and bow
• How to hold violin
• Sounding point
• Playing with a straight bow
• Finding the correct elbow height
• Playing at the frog
• Playing at the tip
• Playing full bows
• Left hand position
• Left hand finger patterns
• D major scale
• A major scale
• G major scale

Learning is fun. We make sure learning never be boring, our experts are backed with decent experience. Not every student will understand the same way. Our online violin lessons are customized to the students. Never touched a violin before, no problem our violin experts will teach you from basics, looking to learn one particular song for any event, sure. We are happy to help you in that too. No need to go through a whole course to play one song on violin. Violin classes are customized according to your need and requirement.

Sign up with Wegotguru find the violin expert you would like to learn from, if you are confused or no idea about it, contact us, we will help you to find the right teacher to your time.

Tip: Practice makes you perfect. Don’t just attend online class and forget violin till next class, it gets better when you practice more. Join online Violin communities, like one we have.