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“WGG” is a community that bring great musicians under one roof. We have experts for online Tabla lessons. Tabla is one of the classical musical instruments. To play Tabla there is the need to know about every complex finger tips. You should know how to position both of the Tabla drums on a toroidal bundle for the stability.

From our online Tabla music classes, you will learn how to manage both of the Tabla drums. Because both drums are for different tunes. Bigger one is for a specific pitch. The smaller one tune according to the vocalist performance.You will be get started from all the basic strokes of Tabla with bayan(bigger one) and dayan(smaller one). For example: “Ta”, “Ge”, “Thin”, “Dha”, “Dhin”, “Ka”, “Na”, “Tete” ,“Ti”.

How To Learn Various Taals On Tabla Online?

Our Gurus are well talented in many Taals on Tabla. You will learn here Dhamaar, Ektaal, Dadra Taal, Sultaal, Keherwa Taal. Also,much more classical Hindustani music online. Shikar, Brahmtaal and sultaal are some of the rarest Taals in the Indian Classical music. So, your one decision of joining us is one of the steps you taken to be a table expert.

Our expert Tabla instructors provide the online tabla classes & their experiences to students. These tutorials contains “Shastriya Sangeet Ragas, different Tabla styles of Tabla Gharanaas. Also, easy online tricks for the beginners to tune Tabla. Most popular finger and palm tips for Tabla…..and much more.

Why Should You Join WGG For Online Tabla Training Classes ?

• You may join our wide-range music community to become a perfect Tabla maestro.

• Through our guides and knowledge hub, we let you know how to use your fingers and palm to play tabla.

• Our online Tabla classes are special for our strong teacher-student communication link. Students can ask their query any time through chat, email or video when they feel hindrances while doing any steps.

• If you are a beginner and feel it very complex, don’t think much about that. Our easy step by step online Tabla lessons will remove all the complexities. You will become good at tabla.

Then what are you waiting for, Interested in tabla, Join now.