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Hey, willing to be an expert in Guitar? Music school WeGotGuru presents online Guitar Classes for all the aspirants.Are you a beginner, no worries. Our best and unique techniques of learning Guitar will help you to a great extent. Our experts will teach you to play Guitar with all major and minor steps. You may be the next rock star.

Are you at intermediate level in learning guitar? Thinking to attend any music talent hunt shows? Quick takeaways from our experts will help you. You may also consider our online guitar lessons from experts to get to advanced level. Our Online Guitar video lectures by experts assist you by every possible means.You will be certified after qualifying our exam. We conduct state level, national and international level exams.


Is it possible to learn guitar online?


Yes, it is quite possible to learn guitar online. Some of the new musicians have admitted to learning the guitar online. For example, James Bay told in an interview that he learnt to play the guitar through YouTube.  Nowadays, there are many websites and other channels on YouTube that teaches you. Apart from that, there are even apps that provide the same. Some learners might find online classes beneficial while some might not and would need class in-person.  Another aspect of learning guitar online is the PDF material the learner receives for further reference.



How many classes a week?


Generally 1 – 2 classes a week would be good to start. You need invest good time practising what you learnt in the guitar class.



What is the fee for Class?


It varies with the experts, choose the Guitar expert you would like to learn from and every expert has mentioned the fee per hour that they may charge



How many Guitar experts do you have?


Well. We have decent number of experts who are very well versed with some of the good Guitar tricks in the industry. They help you make a better guitar player & also e work hard to keep on adding Guitar experts to the platform.



How is WeGotGuru beneficial for online guitar aspirants?


In our online video Guitar lessons, you will get to learn each & everything a guitarist should know. Some of them are here: How to hold string and tune guitar. what are barre chords, key signatures , notes and tabs. And also, the most vital things how to look after your Guitar. Besides it our experts also focus on basics on music. This will include lots of things. Music scale formation, rhythm formation, notes, harmony and melody creation.


Why should you join WGG’s Online Guitar Training Classes?


Our online Guitar trainings contains both western and classical music teachings. WeGotGuru guitar lessons designed in a way to meet every guitar aspirant. Be it kids or adults, our online guitar lessons are flexible for all ages & gender.

Kids who are fascinated to learn guitar can start their journey from the basics of notes. WeGotGuru supports Kids' interest to learn a particular song than whole course. After all, so many methodologies are there to learn various notes patterns for Guitar. Hence, you may have some difficulties. But if Guitar is your passion, nothing seems difficult.

Whether you want to play acoustic guitar, or electric guitar. Our online guitar basics will help you to get started.



Can I get a guitar demo class?


Mostly Yes. The demo class completely depends on the expert you pick. Some experts would be happy to share their previous classes or an hour demo etc.



Do I need to pay any advance or deposit to the Class?


There is no advance as such, Pay as you go model. Pay on hourly basis.



Can a person with no music knowledge learn guitar online?


Music knowledge is not needed when a person just starts out to learn the guitar. Priorities are first given to finger stretching on the fret-board and finger dexterity. The fingers and hands of a learner needs to get used to the guitar. In time, picking gets easy due to muscle memory. Also, chords should be introduced so that the learner can get comfortable with the shape of different chords. The Next two things are transitions and tempo and these get better only with practice. However it will be helpful if the learner wants to play individual notes.



How much can I learn guitar online in two months?


It depends on how much practice one puts into it.  That being said, no one can be a good guitar player within two months. With a time frame of this, mostly one can get good at a few strumming patterns here and there, along with some chords, if it is being practiced for an hour every day. Maybe even, a full length song can be played if enough dedication and effort is put into the practice time. Some basic chords, maybe a set of right 4 chords, if played right, can be used to play 5 songs. To get really good at the guitar, 2 months doesn’t help, but it gets you to play some basic stuff.



Should I learn guitar online or take tutorial classes’ offline for better learning?


If time isn’t on your side, taking online guitar classes would be helpful. On the other hand, offline guitar classes helps in every manner. It’s not that online classes don’t provide that but, it’s always good to have someone next to you who plays the guitar. This goes a long way, you build a bond with a guitarist and that paves better ways to learn the instrument. If one can do the same online, then that’s pretty great. As long as notes are being made from what is learnt online or offline, there’s nothing to fret about.



Would learning guitar online via a live video link interest people?


It would interest people if what is being thought is easily accessible, time-saving, cheap, and efficient. That’s all it takes to interest people with inline guitar classes.



Is learning guitar online useful, or do we need physical guitar classes?


Learning music or guitar online is useful, but it is always good to have someone who knows the instrument while practicing. This helps where online classes cant, finding out what’s wrong when the learner messed up the rhythm or note, or a chord. Some online classes are pre-recorded and some are live. Cutting to the point, it depends on which one out of those two is being chosen.



Can you learn guitar at any age?


There is no age limit to learn the guitar. Most people who are middle aged turn back to music, no to become the next best guitarist but to enjoy jamming. This is a realistic approach to learning the instrument unlike the expectations of a teenager or a kid who is learning the same. It is also being proven that playing the instrument helps the health in many ways.



Do i need to learn guitar theory?


Guitar theory is important to understand chord shapes, scale patterns, chord progressions, note positions, intervals, keys, modes, harmony, chord relationships, and scale applications. This helps you to understand how to master the fret board, compose music, play individual notes and the best, does justice to soloing.



Do i need to learn guitar before bass?


No, but a bit of music theory helps. Things to learn on the bass guitar are different from a normal guitar but compliments it, and vice versa. There are bass scales, bass riffs, bass chords etc, to learn. The rhythm of a bass guitar works along with the other guitars and other instruments. Hence, just learning the bass guitar will do and would be to learn the other guitars too.



What are some of the best Websites you can learn Guitar from?


Here are some of the best Websites to learn Guitar from: