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Classical music is one of the ancient music systems in the world. Classical Music has originated from southern part of India. As we know, Music has its own significance since centuries. WeGotGuru understands your strong desire to learn Classical music online. We are backed with handful of Classical music experts. The Music gurus’ platform created and has been in existence since 4 years. Find the right Classical music guru online and learn Classical Music from home at your convenience

Learn Classical Music Online From Home

Especially for the Indian Americans, We have come up with a concrete structure to help your music learning desire fulfilled. No need to learn from recorded lessons. We believe the teaching style is different to each & every student. The interaction between a teacher and student is very important for a successful musical career.  It’s nothing less than an offline teaching. Perhaps it’s better than offline, as we have virtual private lessons or the batch size narrowed down to 3 people in one session.

Learning Classical music key aspects are:

Sapthaswaras (S,R,G,M,P,D,N)


Learning curve of Classical music is as follows:


Abhyaasa gaanam




Manodharma sangeetham

Ragam Thanam Pallavi